The private members club is an elite place, associated with prestige and exclusivity - servicing only a smaller, selected group of people. Our TravelX Card opens the door to our unique TravelXite Travel Club and our Concierge Services as well as astonishing service packages from well-known travel partners– a unique opportunity not for everybody.

Payment, Service &
Loyalty Card

Book your travels. Earn and spend Loyalties. Send and receive funds. Withdraw FIAT currencies from any ATM around the world. Spend your points and virtual currencies — anytime, anywhere. Be in control. It‘s the card that you will always want to have with you on all your adventures. Making traveling simple.

Booking &
Concierge Services

TravelX Card in combination with TravelXite represents a unique mixture of a refined level of local and digital personal assistance with unfettered ease of comfort, convenience, and accessibility. The scope of services goes far beyond that of existing luxury booking & concierge services while surpassing them in quality and reliability.


We work with our own and independent Booking, Payment, and Loyalty Reward Blockchain and our own cryto currency called TXC.

We value our members even more and therefore give them more - the network will work for you while you're traveling. Each booking and reservation made on the network will contribute to our profit-sharing models with our membership statuses.

UP TO 9 % (Centurion Card) Network reward on each transaction via the TXC Network - (shared between token holders, depending on the amount of tokens owned). Special Investor cards with 9 % Network Reward available without Travel Service Packages.

  Exceptional Booking Possibilities

  Stunning Concierge Services

  Special Membership Priviliges

  Luxury Upgrade Options

  Earn and Spend TXC within the network

  Partner rewards for your bookings

  Member Reward in TXC Network

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