As a specialist for individually designed dream trips, we are always there for you! Contact us Mondays to Fridays in the period from 8 o'clock to 20 o'clock and on Saturdays between 9 o'clock and 18 o'clock under the following telephone number: +49 2821 20666. With the travel documents you receive from us a mobile number for emergencies, under which you us in the case of unpredictable incident during your journey at any time.
A healthy environment and sustainable travel are important to us at TravelXite. Therefore, we recommend that you arrive by train to the airport. In particular, Frankfurt Airport has excellent connections to local and long-distance traffic. In addition, many airlines now offer a discounted fare for their train to the flight. We will gladly book your flight in conjunction with a train ticket. If your airline does not offer Rail & Fly, you can book your ticket and seat reservation in all DB agencies and on the Internet at
Unless expressly stated otherwise in the offer, our trips are not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. Please let us know if you or other people with reduced mobility are affected, so that we can clarify their participation individually.
If you find out immediately after your flight that your luggage has been damaged or lost, it is very important to complain about it immediately at the lost and found desk of the respective arrival airport. Request a written Property Irregularity Report or a Lost Report. Without this evidence, the airline will pay neither for loss nor for loss.

For further details, please refer to Part B of our General Terms and Conditions, point 15. Therefore, we always recommend the conclusion of a baggage insurance (see section Travel insurance).
Please transfer all travel expenses to the company account and always include your invoice number as the subject. For transfers from a non-EU country, transfer costs will apply. We ask for your understanding that these fees can not be borne by us. For our terms of payment, please refer to Part B of our General Terms and Conditions, point 3.
If you want to pay for your journey with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express, please inform your travel specialist immediately when you sign up. Please note that for a payment with American Express we charge 2.3% of the travel price. In addition, please clarify with your bank whether your credit card limit is high enough so that the deposit and the balance can be debited easily.
At TravelXite we offer the arranging of flights as a service, so that you can easily book a complete package including all services with us. As most of the low fares are only conditionally free of charge and can be canceled, the flights are to be paid 100% up to two weeks after receipt of the invoice. The flight booking is only valid when you have signed a form. Rebooking and cancellations of the flights in hindsight are no longer possible free of charge. Please ensure that you give your travel expert your full name exactly as it appears in the machine-readable line in your passport. These can be found below the photo. The information must be in first name, last name, title or duplicate name match exactly, otherwise there may be difficulties at the airport. Some airlines reserve the right to exclude passengers for security reasons if the name in the flight booking does not match that in the passport. Should you have provided incorrect information, we reserve the right to charge you for the costs of changing the name or rebooking the flights.
If you have experienced a flight delay, a flight failure, an unexpected rebooking of the flight or a missed connecting flight on your trip, we recommend our partner Depending on the route you have up to 3 years retroactively a claim for a compensation in the amount of 250 € to 600 € per person on the part of the airline. The legal experts of flightright enforce their claims and, if successful, deduct a commission of 20% to 30% plus VAT from the compensation amount.

Check the following link for free with the help of the compensation calculator, whether you have a right to a refund: Compensation Calculator.
Please make sure in good time before your trip, if you have a current vaccination against polio, tetanus and diphtheria, which provides protection for ten years from the date of vaccination. For more recommendations on vaccinations and health tips, see your travel information under "Health / Medical Information," which comes with your confirmation papers.

Please also inform your family doctor or a tropical medicine counseling center about necessary vaccinations or prophylaxis. TravelXite assumes no liability for any illness or damage that may occur.
At TravelXite we plan your tailor made trip that you will remember for a lifetime. From transfers to accommodations, car rentals, flights to entertaining local activities, we are passionate about your travel needs. In addition to self-drive tours, your travel specialists also organize privately-run trips, small group trips, mobile homes and much more. In the implementation of your individual travel package experienced and reliable partner agencies support us in the respective travel country. With us you are in the best hands!
For most countries you can travel with, a passport is required. This usually has to be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the journey. Children must present their own passport at check-in and on entry, as well as an international birth certificate. For travel to or from the United States, only a laminated, machine-readable passport is accepted. Provisional passports are not enough.
About one week after sending your travel confirmation by email you will receive your confirmation documents by mail, along with your itinerary, the travel information, a packing list for the long-term planning of your travel equipment, the security certificate (proof of insolvency insurance), the terms and conditions, your Timetable and other additional information for your trip. In addition, we inform you about the possible conclusion of a travel insurance and about the need for a visa and its application.

About two weeks before your departure we will send you the remaining travel documents. These include your current itinerary, on-site information and important contact information. Now nothing stands in the way of your journey.
If on-site or just before the trip, unforeseen incidents can happen that neither we nor you can influence, we strongly recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance and travel health insurance.

With our partner HanseMerkur you can easily, easily and safely conclude your travel insurance. There are two options available:

  • 5-star premium protection:
    This insurance is the perfect all-round protection. It includes a travel cancellation insurance, a holiday guarantee, a travel health insurance, an emergency insurance, a travel accident insurance and a baggage insurance. With this insurance you are prepared for all eventualities.
  • Travel Cancellation Insurance and Holiday Guarantee:
    This insurance covers the costs if you are unable to travel or have to stop early before starting illness due to illness, pregnancy or unforeseen incidents related to your job. Further information can be found on the website of HanseMerkur.
  • We recommend a reconfirmation of your long-haul flights from 3 days before departure, as flight times may sometimes change. You do not need to reconfirm the outward flight. The reconfirmation of your home flight will gladly take over your travel guide or our partner agency on the spot when traveling privately. For self-drive tours or other individually booked trips without travel guide, we recommend that you check the flight times of your international return flight before departure. This also applies if you have not booked your flights through TravelXite.
    Your safety is important to us, which is why we avoid booking flights with less secure airlines. For each destination you can choose between different airlines. We prefer flights with airlines that are not on the blacklist. EU safety standards are some of the strictest in the world, which is why airlines on this list are banned from landing in the European Union. You can find out about airlines that you should ideally avoid using the following link:
    Seat reservations in Economy Class are now chargeable at many airlines. If possible, we will gladly reserve your preferred seat for you when booking your trip. Sometimes a seat reservation can only be carried out by the traveler himself on the website of the respective airline after the ticket has been issued. Some airlines offer free online check-in reservations. This is usually offered between 48 and 24 hours before departure. For this, please have your booking number (sometimes referred to as "reference number" or "filekey") ready. This six-digit combination of numbers and letters can be found on your flight plan. Please note that seat reservations are always made subject to reservation and that the airline reserves the right to change your reservation at any time. Some airlines do not offer seat reservations at all.
    In order to send you your individual offer as quickly as possible, we at TravelXite are still not checking the availability of accommodation and rental cars during the offer phase. Of course, we plan the accommodations for you right from the start, where we see a good chance that we can finally confirm them. But the availabilities change every day, so we can not guarantee them in advance. If it turns out after booking that a service offered is no longer available, we book an equivalent alternative with similar prices and similar standard. Of course, we will inform you with every change and get in advance your consent.
    TravelXite is not only a tour operator, but also arranges group travel from other selected tour operators. If the trip you have booked is not a travel arranged by TravelXite, you will already find out about this with your travel offer. Here and in the confirmation documents you will be informed about the organizer and its general terms and conditions. In the case of a travel agency is not responsible TravelXite, but the organizer of the trip, which is why you also get from him the security certificate. The general terms and conditions of the tour operator. In general, we only select reliable tour operators that meet our high quality standards.
    Depending on the destination and duration of travel, there is a visa requirement for entry. If a visa is required for your travel destination, please refer to our travel information under »entry requirements«, which you will receive with the confirmation documents. Furthermore, with the confirmation you will receive a link to the website of Visadienst Bonn, where you will find all the information you need to apply for the visa via the visa service as well as the respective costs.

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