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Whales, dolphins and colorful reefs

On an adventure in the underwater world

Green turtles, whitetip sharks, moray eels and parrot fish: What sounds like a visit to the zoo after a tour of the aquariums, you will experience firsthand during your diving holiday. Also when snorkeling on the water surface, you will not come out of wonder. Swarms of zebrafish, seals, penguins and mysterious underwater landscapes will enchant you. Explore new hotspots every day, get close to numerous species of big fish and prove your skills on exciting expeditions. Experienced guides and professional instructors allow you to interesting diving expeditions to remote places.

Our offers are aimed at experienced dive professionals as well as beginners and newcomers. The diving programs include demanding high-sea diving, for which you should bring a lot of fitness, physical condition and as much experience as possible. But also relaxed snorkeling expeditions, where you discover the colorful coral worlds and fantastic underwater structures made of volcanic rock. Pack your underwater camera!



Dive in and admire the stunning underwater worlds of Asia.



Dive in and admire the stunning underwater worlds of Oceania.

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